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lurk (the IRC bot)’s commands

All commands are prefixed with a ..

Do .help <command> for more info

Calculations and conversions

These commands do not require any permissions.

c, calcCalculates an expression..c 5 + 5
curGets the exchange rate for a currency..cur 5 USD in EUR
lengthConverts between units of length..length 100mm
py, py3Runs Python3 <code>
py2Runs Python2 code..py2 <code>
tempConverts between units of temperature..temp 100K
weightConverts between units of weight..weight 5oz

Channel administration

These commands require you have at least halfops in the channel.

banBans a user from the channel..ban <user>
kickKick a user from the channel..kick <user> [reason]
mute, quietMutes a user on the channel..mute <user>
tmaskSet the topic mask for the channel, for use with .topic..tmask <topic mask, where ‘{}’ is the location to put the topic>
topicChanges the topic of the channel..topic <topic>
showmaskShows the current topic mask..showmask
unbanUnbans a user from the channel..unban <user>
unmute, unquietUnmutes a user on the channel..unmute <user>

Fun and games

These commands are fun to use and abuse™!

fortuneTells you a fortune from the UNIX fortune command..fortune
lurk!Replies to you. Do not prefix this command with a ..lurk!
r, roulettePlay roulette: There is a 1 in 6 chance you will get hit..r
ratePuts a rating into chat..rate <score> <comment>
slap, shoot, whack, hitSlaps a user..slap [user [object]]
yayYay! This command may be used with the . prefix, however it is optional.Yay!

Miscellaneous commands

Useful commands that do not fit into any other categories.

!A prefix for DuckDuckGo! bangs. Do .! to see a list of subcommands..!ddg ubuntu
pingPings the
privs, privilegesShows your privileges..privs [hostmask]
tell, askTells/asks a user something..tell <user> <message>
whoamiTells you who the bot thinks you are..whoami

Random numbers

d, diceRolls dice..d <amount>d<sides>
chooseChooses between a set of options..choice <option 1>, [option 2, [option 3, […]]]
randGenerates a random number, optionally between min and max..rand [[min] max]

Text manipulation

æ, aeAdds æ and œ into <text>
b64, base64Encodes text into base64..base64 <text>
b64d, base64-dDecodes base64-encoded text..base64-d <base64>
lowerConverts text to lowercase..lower <text>
revReverses text..rev <text>
sillyRandomizes capitalization througout the text.silly <text>
sillyaeA mix of .silly and .sillyae <text>
upperConverts text to uppercase..upper <text>


Some commands are not shown here, as they do not have many uses.

t, timeGets the current time..t [tzdata timezone]
gettzGets your current timezone..gettz
settzSets your current timezone. If you don’t know what timezone you are in, please visit <tzdata timezone>
resettzResets your current timezone to the default..resettz
countdownShows how long it is until midnight on the specified day..countdown <YYYY> <MM> <DD>

Translating and spell checking

These commands use Google Translate.

spellcheckChecks the spelling of a word..spellcheck <word>
tr, translateTranslates text to/from another [:<from> [:<to>]] <text>
mangleTranslates text to/from many languages, making it almost unreadable..mangle <text>
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