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lurk (the IRC bot)’s commands

All commands are prefixed with a ..

Do .help <command> for more info

Calculations and conversions

These commands do not require any permissions.

CommandDescriptionSyntaxWorks on Discord
c, calcCalculates an expression..c 5 + 5Yes
curGets the exchange rate for a currency..cur 5 USD in EURNo
lengthConverts between units of length..length 100mmYes
py, py3Runs Python3 <code>Yes
py2Runs Python2 code..py2 <code>Yes
tempConverts between units of temperature..temp 100KYes
weightConverts between units of weight..weight 5ozYes

Channel administration

These commands require you have at least halfops in the channel. None of these commands work on Discord.

banBans a user from the channel..ban <user>
kickKick a user from the channel..kick <user> [reason]
mute, quietMutes a user on the channel..mute <user>
tmaskSet the topic mask for the channel, for use with .topic..tmask <topic mask, where ‘{}’ is the location to put the topic>
topicChanges the topic of the channel..topic <topic>
showmaskShows the current topic mask..showmask
unbanUnbans a user from the channel..unban <user>
unmute, unquietUnmutes a user on the channel..unmute <user>

Fun and games

These commands are fun to use and abuse™!

CommandDescriptionSyntaxWorks on Discord
fortuneTells you a fortune from the UNIX fortune command..fortuneYes
lurk!Replies to you. Do not prefix this command with a ..lurk!Yes
r, roulettePlay roulette: There is a 1 in 6 chance you will get hit..rYes
ratePuts a rating into chat..rate <score> <comment>Yes
slap, shoot, whack, hitSlaps a user..slap [user [object]]Yes
yayYay! This command may be used with the . prefix, however it is optional.Yay!Yes
qotdDisplays a quote of the day. Quotes of the day can be sarcastic and/or offensive, read at your own risk..qotdYes
cal, calendarDisplays a calendar for the current month..calYes
whipWhip.whip Yes

Miscellaneous commands

Useful commands that do not fit into any other categories.

CommandDescriptionSyntaxWorks on Discord
!A prefix for DuckDuckGo! bangs. Do .! to see a list of subcommands..!ddg ubuntuNo
pingPings the bot..pingYes
privs, privilegesShows your privileges..privs [hostmask]No
tell, askTells/asks a user something..tell <user> <message>No
whoamiTells you who the bot thinks you are..whoamiYes but useless

Random numbers

CommandDescriptionSyntaxWorks on Discord
d, diceRolls dice..d <amount>d<sides>Yes
chooseChooses between a set of options..choice <option 1>, [option 2, [option 3, […]]]Yes
randGenerates a random number, optionally between min and max..rand [[min] max]Yes

Text manipulation

CommandDescriptionSyntaxWorks on Discord
æ, aeAdds æ and œ into <text>Yes
b64, base64Encodes text into base64..base64 <text>Yes
b64d, base64-dDecodes base64-encoded text..base64-d <base64>Yes
lowerConverts text to lowercase..lower <text>Yes
revReverses text..rev <text>Yes
sillyRandomizes capitalization througout the text.silly <text>Yes
sillyaeA mix of .silly and .sillyae <text>Yes
upperConverts text to uppercase..upper <text>Yes


Some commands are not shown here, as they do not have many uses.

CommandDescriptionSyntaxWorks on Discord
t, timeGets the current time..t [tzdata timezone]Yes
gettzGets your current timezone..gettzYes
settzSets your current timezone. If you don’t know what timezone you are in, please visit <tzdata timezone>Yes
resettzResets your current timezone to the default..resettzYes
countdownShows how long it is until midnight on the specified day..countdown <YYYY> <MM> <DD>Not well

Translating and spell checking

These commands use Google Translate.

CommandDescriptionSyntaxWorks on Discord
spellcheckChecks the spelling of a word..spellcheck <word>No
tr, translateTranslates text to/from another [:<from> [:<to>]] <text>Yes
mangleTranslates text to/from many languages, making it almost unreadable..mangle <text>No
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